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Cisco Prime Network Registrar 11 – Simplifying DHCP v1

December 2021

Cisco Prime Network Registrar (CPNR) is a carrier-grade DHCP and DNS solution that is highly scalable and built to outlast the high-performance requirements of some of the world’s largest service providers.

This dCloud demo setup lets the user try out the ease of operations with CPNR and configure DNS and/or DHCP in their local environment. The setup has been designed in such a way that it can be used for self-learning and also be used for customer demos.


  • Configuring a DHCP Failover Pair
  • Configuring Scopes and Granting Leases
  • Creating a Policy and Adding DHCP Options
  • Configuring DHCPv6 Prefixes
  • Exploring Load Balancing between DHCP Failover Pairs