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Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) 12.5 v1 – Instant Demo

October 2020


The Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) solutions create the foundation for positive customer service, a critical factor in building a stronger business. Cisco Packaged Contact Center combines the power of collaboration with contact center management tools, to transform customer care from simple phone transactions to unique collaboration experiences that you can customize to address the needs of individual customers.

This demonstration allows Cisco Field and Channel Partners to showcase key Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise capabilities such as agent desktop, video, social media customer care, multichannel, and reporting, offering customers a true Omni channel experience by shifting channels for different types of communications into the contact center with different levels of importance, which is essential to meeting business goals and customer expectations.

The Cisco Finesse Desktop is a Web 2.0-based container with APIs that can be used to develop applications for use on the Finesse desktop. This demonstration focuses on Finesse as a desktop platform, but included in this demo are a number of applications built for the Finesse desktop, some of which are commercially available and some of which are examples of the types of applications that can be built.

What’s New in 12.5 v1

  • Finesse Enhancements
  • Analyzer
  • Webex Experience Management
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO)


There is a dedicated guide for each of the following demonstration features:

  • PCCE 12.5v1 Setup Guide
    • Importing the CA Root and Sub-Certificates to Your PC
    • Creating a dCloud Customer Profile
  • PCCE 12.5v1 All Verticals Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: OmniChannel Customer Service
    • Scenario 2: Precision Queue API/Certification Training Demo
    • Scenario 3: Shifting Channels with Visual IVA (Jacada)
    • Scenario 4: Supervisor Desktop and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Salesforce Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Bucher+Suter Salesforce Integration
    • Scenario 2: Consilium Salesforce Integration
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Mobile App Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: dCloud Contact Center Mobile App
    • Scenario 2: AI/BOT from an SMS Interaction
  • PCCE 12.5v1 AI/BOT Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: AI/BOT from the Cumulus Website
    • Scenario 2: AI/BOT from the Cumulus Facebook Page
    • Scenario 3: AI/BOT from an SMS Interaction
    • Scenario 4: AI/BOT from Conversational IVR
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Outbound Calling Demonstration
    • Scenario 1: Cisco SPOG Campaigns
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Verint WFO Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Agent Activities
    • Scenario 2: Supervisor Role
    • Scenario 3: Scheduler/Forecaster
    • Scenario 4: Quality Management
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Operational Analytics Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Using Reports and Dashboards
    • Scenario 2: Reskilling Agents
    • Scenario 3: Enterprise Resource Management
    • Scenario 4: Building Reports
    • Scenario 5: Building Charts and Dashboards
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Web Self Service Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Web Self-Service and AI Guided Help
  • PCCE 12.5v1 ZOOM Quality Management Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Searching and Managing Conversations
    • Scenario 2: Reviewing Calls
    • Scenario 3: Working with Reports
  • PCCE 12.5v1 Consilium UniDashboard Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Consilium UniDashboard
  • PCCE 12.5 v1 Workforce Optimization Demonstration Guide
    • Scenario 1: Agent Experience
    • Scenario 2: Supervisor Experience
    • Scenario 3: Analytics at the Macro and Micro Levels
    • Scenario 4: Workforce Management – Forecasting & Scheduling
  • Vertical Customization Toolbox
    • Scenario 1: Customizing the IVR Prompts
    • Scenario 2: Branding Your Website
    • Scenario 3: Customizing the Mobile App Skin
    • Scenario 4: Customizing AI/BOT
    • Scenario 5: Testing Your New Vertical


The requirements vary by scenario. Please see the demo guide for the requirements for each scenario. The table below represents the requirements to complete all scenarios in the Cisco dCloud Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise demonstration.

Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • A mobile phone
  • Cisco AnyConnect®
  • Cisco dCloud Router

Demonstration Components

    • Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 12.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence 11.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 12.5(1)
    • Cisco SocialMiner 12.5(1)
    • Cisco Finesse 12.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal 12.5(1)
    • Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email 12.5(1)
    • Cisco Virtual Voice Browser 12.5(1)
    • Nuance Speech Suite 11.0(3)
    • eGain Solve 17.0(7)
    • Jacada VIVR 9.0(1)
    • B+S Salesforce Connects 4.8
    • Workstations (Windows 10)


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