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Cisco NSO Service Modeling 101 Scenarios 1-6 v1.1

March 2020

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator® (NSO) is the industry-leading software solution for automating services across traditional and virtualized networks. Using Cisco NSO, Service Providers can realize the promise of automation and virtualization by automating services, end-to-end, across traditional physical networks, new virtual networks, or hybrid physical/virtual topologies.

One of the keys to successfully utilizing Cisco NSO is in developing effective “service models.” Service models are meant to implement “business logic” and provide a layer of abstraction between the focus of the service and the actual underlying hardware (physical and/or virtual devices) upon which the service is implemented. This Lab focuses, at a “101 level” on the process of creating Cisco NSO service models. As such, the service model itself will not be very complex. The focus, rather, is on the thought process and actions one takes to “develop a service” in NSO.


  • Scenario 1. Bringing Up the Lab
  • Scenario 2. Template-Only Model, Single Namespace
  • Scenario 3. Template-Only Model, Five Namespaces
  • Scenario 4. Python and Template Model, Five-Namespaces
  • Scenario 5. Using RESTCONF API Calls
  • Scenario 6.Python and Template Model with External (CDB) Resources