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Cisco NSO Service Lifecycle Management v1

April 2021

As an industry leading orchestration platform, the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is widely used to provide service lifecycle orchestration for hybrid networks. While new services are deployed using NSO service packages, service providers normally have a brownfield network, in which there are pre-existing configurations in the network orchestrated by legacy tools. For a brownfield network, NSO must discover and reconcile pre-existing services.

In this lab, you will use NSO to create a simple L2VPN service package to configure Layer 2 Transport encapsulation on Bundle Ethernet sub-interfaces. You will also discover and reconcile pre-existing L2VPN services from the network.

The network is composed of simulated NSO NETSIM ASR devices (Cisco IOS-XR). You will create L2VPN services from CE-PE. This lab focuses on PE configuration. To simulate a brownfield network, the PE devices are populated with pre-existing L2VPN services.

IMPORTANT! This lab assumes the user meets the following prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of network orchestration, NETCONF/Yang
  • Basic knowledge of Cisco NSO, including knowledge of the NSO maagic and maapi APIs
  • Python programming experience


  • Scenario 1.Verify Lab Setup
  • Scenario 2. Create L2VPN Service Package
  • Scenario 3. Service Discovery and Reconciliation: Create L2Vpn Service Instances from Pre-existing Configuration
  • Scenario 4. Service Discovery and Reconciliation: Reset Reference Count
  • Scenario 5. (Optional) Create an NSO Action to Discover Pre-existing L2VPN Service Instances Automatically