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Cisco Nexus Insights 5.1 for ACI on Nexus Dashboard v1

June 2021

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco Nexus Insights 5.1 for ACI on Nexus Dashboard v1 available on dCloud to Customers, Partners and Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

This demonstration showcases Cisco Nexus Insights and includes the following:

  • Cisco Nexus Insights: Provides access to information about resources in the network that are causing issues within the network. All issues within the network are reported as anomalies within a site and you can obtain details about the recommendations and anomalies within the network.

  • Nexus Insights also has an advisory portion that helps administrators resolve issues seen by NI in the network fabric. The application also provides access to any bugs, PSIRTs, and notices that apply to the components that comprise the fabric.

  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a central management console for multiple data center sites and a common platform for hosting Cisco data center operation applications, such as Nexus Insights and Network Assurance Engine, which provide real time analytics, visibility, and assurance for network policies and operations.
  • AppDynamics: provides application performance management (APM) and IT operations analytics that helps manage the performance and availability of applications in the data center. AppDynamics provides the required metrics for monitoring, identifying, and analyzing the applications that are instrumented with AppDynamics agents. Integrating AppDynamics allows Cisco NI to collect operational data and metrics of the applications monitored by AppDynamics, and then correlate the collected information with the data collected from the Cisco ACI site.

Whats New: Nexus Insights 5.1 and Nexus Dashboard 2.0(2g)



View the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/cisco-nexus-insights-5-1-for-aci-on-nexus-dashboard-v1

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