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Cisco Nexus Insights 5.0 for NX/OS on DCNM v1

February 2021

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco Nexus Insights 5.0 for NX/OS on DCNM v1 available on dCloud to Customers, Partners and Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

This instant demonstration illustrates the capabilities of Nexus Insights managing a NX-OS network hosted on DCNM.

DCNM is the network management platform for all NX-OS-enabled deployments. The platform spans new fabric architectures and storage networking deployments for the Cisco Nexus-powered data center.

Cisco Nexus Insights gives customers the ability to monitor and analyze their fabric in real time to identify anomalies, to provide root-cause analysis and capacity planning, and to accelerate troubleshooting. By tracking historical context, collecting and processing hardware and software telemetry data, and correlating customer designs with Cisco best-practices, customers can get excellent visibility and awareness of issues affecting their environment and take corrective actions.



View the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/cisco-nexus-insights-5-0-for-nx-os-on-dcnm-v1

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