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Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Sandbox v1

July 2021

Advanced networking applications are complex to provision, often requiring changes to multiple devices and large numbers of parameters per device. Often, administrators make distributed changes in lockstep, because the failure of a single change can disrupt service and be difficult to diagnose and fix.

This sandbox provides you with basic information to get started in the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) sandbox. For more information about NSO, refer to Network Services Orchestrator Solutions. Also explore the following NSO documents bookmarked in the browser in the demonstration workstation:

  • NSO Getting Started Guide
  • NSO Installation Guide
  • NSO User Guide

This sandbox features a ready-to-use NSO environment to test NSO installation and pre-packaged NSO examples. It also enables you to run your own NSO applications.


  • Scenario 1.      Connect to NSO Server
  • Scenario 2.      Use Eclipse for YANG
  • Scenario 3.      Explore NETCONF Device Example