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Cisco Network Assurance Engine 4.1 v1

February 2020

This demo offers an opportunity to learn Cisco Network Assurance Engine (NAE) through hands-on scenarios. This provides an opportunity for Cisco partners and customers to evaluate the product and provide valuable feedback to Cisco for product enhancement and future development.

For this demo, the NAE appliance is pre-deployed and operates in the offline mode with several pre-collected datasets. The datasets were collected from an ACI fabric on which some real-world network scenarios were reproduced and captured. Each task is a guided tour of the product for particular use cases, including change management, tenant endpoints, tenant forwarding, tenant security, and TCAM resources analysis. As you go through each use case, you will get an instructional walk through the product and learn the purpose of each page. By solving the real-world problems using NAE as a tool you will learn about the capabilities of NAE and become familiar with its GUI.


  • Scenario 1: Change Management
  • Scenario 2: Datacenter Operations
  • Scenario 3: Migrations
  • Scenario 4: Epoch Delta Analysis
  • Scenario 5: Compliance Analysis


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