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Cisco MPLS Segment Routing Introduction v3

September 2021

Segment routing is a network technology that provides enhanced packet-forwarding behavior while minimizing the need for maintaining awareness of mass volumes of network state. The following is an extract from the IETF draft defining Segment Routing (“draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-15”):

“Segment Routing (SR) leverages the source routing paradigm. A node steers a packet through an ordered list of instructions, called segments. A segment can represent any instruction, topological or service-based. A segment can have a local semantic to an SR node or global within an SR domain. Segment routing allows you to enforce a flow through any topological path and service chain while maintaining per-flow state only at the ingress node to the SR domain.

This lab introduces Segment Routing (SR) with MPLS dataplane and traffic engineering with a manual and automatic SRTE tunnel.


  • Lab Verification
  • Enable Segment Routing
  • SR-MPLS Only Network
  • SR TI-LFA Protection
  • Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SR TE)
  • Automatic Traffic Steering over SR-TE Policy
  • On Demand Nexthop (ODN) for SR-TE Policies