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Cisco Meraki Dynamic Access Control v2 – Instant Demo

April 2021


Cisco Meraki provides comprehensive solutions to increase security in customer networks by giving tightened secure access to devices:  Group Policy can be used on wireless and security appliance networks, MS Group Policy ACLs can be enforced on MS switchports, while by leveraging Cisco Security Group Tags (SGTs) Adaptive Policy provides granular, IP agnostic security policy, micro-segmentation and identity propagation that is compatible with many other Cisco technologies. All these can be done through several manual or automated methods across the whole stack of the Meraki platform.



  • Scenario 1: Device Access Control with SM Sentry Policy
  • Scenario 2: Wireless and Wired Network Access Control with RADIUS Authentication
  • Scenario 3: Micro-segmentation with Adaptive Policy



The table below outlines the requirements for this preconfigured demonstration.

Internet Connection


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