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Cisco Meeting Server Advanced 2.8 Lab v1

April 2020


This lab consists of a preconfigured standalone Cisco® Unified Communication Manager (Unified CM) and Cisco TelePresence® Management Suite (TMS), two cluster-combined Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), and a third CMS instance to be used for recording and streaming. Each CMS server has the core components preconfigured with self-signed certificates installed.

The goal of the lab is to configure the Unified CM, TMS, and CMS to demonstrate new features including Active Control, Callbridge groups, recording, and live streaming. Additionally, you will get a preview of upcoming enhancements including support for CMS edge service in Expressway™ (unified edge), and Cisco Meeting Management (CMM). CMM is a new tool that will initially allow control of active meetings but will ultimately grow to cover control, configuration, and management of the CMS system.

What’s New

  • Pane Placement and Labels
  • Move Participants
  • Customization Layouts


  • Scenario 1: Expressway Unified Edge
  • Scenario 2: Cisco Meeting Management
  • Scenario 3: Pane Placement and Labels
  • Scenario 4: Move Participants
  • Scenario 5: CMS: Branding for WebRTC, IVR, and Call Customization
  • Scenario 6: Customization Layouts





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