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Cisco Meeting Server 3.3 Demo v1

September 2021


This demo introduces a selection of features available in the Cisco Meeting Server 3.3 software release. In this release, Meeting Server introduces the new scheduling meetings from web app, customizable hyperlinks on web app login page, raise your hand, and LDAP authentication for MMP users.

What’s New

Here are some of the highlights of the Cisco Meeting Server 3.3 release (features that you can try out in this demo):

Cisco Meeting Server:

  • LDAP authentication for MMP Users
  • Align web app and SIP layouts
  • Active speaker in pane placement

Web App:

  • Scheduling meetings from web app
  • Customizable hyperlinks on web app login page
  • Re-size layout
  • Raise your hand
  • Change participants roles in a web app

Cisco Meeting Management:

  • Admit participants from the lobby
  • Select default role in coSpace template creation
  • Align web app and SIP layout

UC Components:

  • Upgrade all UC Components to CSR 14.0
  • Include Webex trial org
  • Additional workstation (Workstation 3: Charles Holland)


  • Cisco Meeting Web App
  • iFrame embedded Web App
  • Blast Dial
  • Scheduling Meetings from Web App
  • LDAP Authentication for MMP Users


Required – Laptop