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Cisco Meeting Server 3.2 Demo v1

April 2021


This demo introduces a selection of features available in the Cisco Meeting Server 3.2 software release. In this release, Meeting Server introduces the new In-meeting chat, iframe embedded web app, Blast dial and Moving web app users

What’s New

Here are some of the highlights of the Cisco Meeting Server 3.2 release (features that you can try out in this lab):



  • Meeting title displayed in the lobby
  • In-conference audio prompts mixed into speech
  • Permanent in-meeting banner
  • In-meeting chat
  • Enable detailed tracing via API
  • Raise hand
  • Dial-out access method

Web App:

  • Version number removed from login page
  • In-call chat
  • On screen messages
  • Space member roles
  • Managing access methods for members
  • Support to move participants
  • iFrame embedded web app


  • Blast dial
  • Moving web app users
  • View and search CMS cospaces from within CMM (search by name, owner, video address or meeting ID)


For a full list of all available features in this release, please read the release notes.




Scenario 1: Cisco Meeting Web App

  • iFrame embedded web app
  • Blast dial




Required – Laptop



  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.5
  • Cisco Unity Connection 12.5
  • Cisco Unified IM and Presence Server 12.5
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 15.13
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Exchange Extension 5.13
  • Cisco Expressway – C X14.0
  • Cisco Expressway – E X14.0
  • Cisco Meeting Server
  • Cisco Meeting Manager
  • OpenFiler NFS
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • AD (2012) and DNS server
  • Windows 10

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