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Cisco Meeting Server 3.0 Demo v1

August 2020


This demo introduces a selection of features available in the Cisco Meeting Server 3.0 software release. In this release, Cisco Meeting Server introduces the new internal SIP recorder and streamer components to replace the XMPP internal recorder and streamer components. Previously, the Cisco Meeting Server’s internal recorder and streamer components were dependent upon the Meeting Server’s internal XMPP server components. In 3.0, the XMPP server will be removed.

This demo allows you to use this new SIP recorder components. There are also a few other features you can try out, such as the Guest Join by URI on the Cisco Meeting Server web app.


What’s New

Here are some of the highlights of the Cisco Meeting Server 3.0 release:
• SIP Recorder
• Dial-in Security Profiles
• Guest Join by URI on Cisco Meeting Server Web App
• View and Edit Space Members
• Send Diagnostics During Call
• View Full-screen Mode
• Recording and Streaming Indicators
• Pin Self-view
• Mirror Self-view
• Branding



• Scenario 1: Cisco Meeting Web App



Required – Laptop


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