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Cisco IoT Threat Defense Demo v2

April 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting every business and fundamentally changing how we look at the devices that connect to a company. These things vastly expand the attack surface of a company. Manufacturing is one of the most targeted sectors; 32% of cyber-attacks occurred in manufacturing.

IoT devices and control systems are vulnerable. Hackers target manufacturing IoT devices because they have little or no security capabilities. Few use encryption and many are unmanaged from a patching and vulnerability updates perspective. Security was simply not a part of their design. They can participate in sophisticated attacks such as DDoS or network invasion. They can be converted to zombies and used as agents of persistence. They can be used for ransom by shutting down or halting business entirely. Worst of all, they can be used to cause physical harm.

Cisco’s IoT Threat Defense solution solves these manufacturer challenges through Visibility and Analytics, Secure Remote Access, Segmentation and Services. In this demo we will focus on the former two security capabilities.


The preconfigured Cisco IoT Threat Defense Demo includes:

  • Scenario 1: Demo Setup (Important—Prerequisite)
  • Scenario 2: Segmentation
  • Scenario 3: Remote Access Into the Plant
  • Scenario 4: IND + Stealthwatch Integration


Required Optional
  • Laptop
    • Cisco AnyConnect®

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