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Cisco IOS-XR Segment Routing Flexible Algorithm Lab v1

August 2020

Flexible Algorithm complements the SRTE solution by adding new Prefix-Segments with a specific optimization objective and constraints. Flex-Algo leverages SR on-demand next hop (ODN) and Automated Steering for intent-based instantiation of traffic engineered paths.

Upon completion of this lab, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of Flexible Algorithm
  • Gain the ability to configure ODN with Flex-Algo on L2VPN/L3VPN


  • Scenario 1.        Configure and Verify BGP
  • Scenario 2.        Configuring Flex-Algo on ISIS
  • Scenario 3.        Preparing Configurations for ODN
  • Scenario 4.        Preparing Configurations for L3VPN Service on PE1, PE2, CE1 and CE2
  • Scenario 5.        Test Flex-Algo Paths from CEs
  • Scenario 6.        Preparing Configurations for VPWS Service using AFI L2VPN EVPN
  • Scenario 7.        Checking SR-TE Paths for VPWS Services