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Cisco Industrial Asset Vision (IAV) – IoT Operations Dashboard Instant Demo v2

December 2021


Cisco’s Industrial Asset Vision (IAV) provides simple monitoring of your assets and facilities to keep them up and running efficiently. Industrial Asset Vision has all the technology you need, from the sensors and gateways to the management – secure, integrated, and ready to go.

What’s New?

New scenario IAV Integration with ServiceNow, uses a simulated door sensor registered to the demo instance of IAV to generate open/close events. The door open event generates an alert which is sent via email to ServiceNow – a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks.

Scenarios include:

  • Cisco Industrial Asset Vision Overview
  • IAV Integration with Grafana via MQTT Broker
  • IAV Integration with ServiceNow