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Cisco HyperFlex 4.5 with Citrix Cloud and Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU v1

July 2021

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco HyperFlex 4.5 with Citrix Cloud and Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU v1 is available on dCloud to Partners and Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

Cisco Hyperflex for Citrix Cloud services is ideal for customers choosing to leverage the Citrix Workspace subscription services, while running their virtual application servers and virtual desktop workloads on-premises. This enables you to offload management of the VDI platform while maintaining control of where your apps and data reside, on your premises, behind your security layers.

Combing the scalability and performance of Cisco HyperFlex with the simplicity and flexibility of Citrix Cloud services delivers a winning combination to empower your Hybrid Cloud for Citrix Workspaces. With Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix Cloud services, you get scalability and simplified infrastructure and VDI management, with the reassurance that you are purchasing a fully-integrated and fully-supported solution.

In this demonstration review the configuration of HyperFlex and Citrix Cloud and compare the performance of a standard Windows 10 virtual desktop with one that is configured with a Nvidia Tesla vGPU using Nvidia demo applications.

What’s New

  • All new hardware:
    • Cisco HyperFlex HXAF220c M5
    • Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU
  • Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform 4.5
  • VMware vSphere 7.0


  • Understanding the Environment
  • Application Performance with NVIDIA GRID
  • Demonstrate Office Productivity Benefits
  • Demonstrate 3D Graphics Applications
  • Citrix Cloud Director
  • Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktops Service


View the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/cisco-hyperflex-4-5-with-citrix-cloud-and-nvidia-tesla-t4-gpu

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