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Cisco HyperFlex 4.0 with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GPU v2

July 2020

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco Hyperflex 4.0 with VMware Horizon and Nvidia GPU v2 is available on dCloud for ALL users in our US East, US West, EMEAR, and APJC dCloud locations.

This instant demonstration showcases Cisco HyperFlex infrastructure working with VMware Horizon to provide NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU accelerated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Cisco HyperFlex provides simplified management, automation, and orchestration while delivering effective scalability and optimized storage with deduplication and compression performance. The scalability, simplicity, and performance from Cisco HyperFlex reduces your initial infrastructure investment costs and reduces your operational overhead, while ensuring you are achieving the highest density from your infrastructure investment.

VMware Horizon with View can be used as the broker for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for pooled, nonpersistent Microsoft Windows virtual desktops. This solution allows nearly immediate use of new capacity as it is brought online and enables seamless desktop image maintenance.

VMware Horizon with View pooled floating assigned linked-clone desktop performance on Cisco HyperFlex provides industry-leading baseline and sustained Login VSI response times that are two times faster than that of the leading hyperconverged competitor.

With the addition of the Nvidia Tesla GPU offering new graphics processing capabilities, the engineering, design, imaging, and marketing departments of organizations can now experience the benefits that desktop virtualization brings to the applications they use. Users of Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016 or later versions can benefit from the new NVIDIA M10 high-density graphics card, deployable on Cisco UCS C240 M5 Rack Servers and Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged servers.

The NVIDIA GRID vGPU allows multiple virtual desktops to share a single physical GPU, and it allows multiple GPUs to reside on a single physical PCI card. All provide the 100 percent application compatibility of vDGA pass-through graphics, but with lower cost because multiple desktops share a single graphics card.

What’s New

  • Cisco HyperFlex updated to 4.02
  • VMware Horizon Client access
  • VMware Horizon updated to v7.12

To learn more, view the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/cisco-hyperflex-4-0-with-vmware-horizon-and-nvidia-gpu-v2



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