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Cisco Field Network Director with Postgres Database v1

January 2020


The Cisco IoT Field Network Director (IoT FND) is a software platform that manages a multi-service network and security infrastructure for IoT applications such as Industrial routers (IR800). IoT FND is a scalable, highly secure, modular, and open platform with an extensible architecture. IoT FND is a multi-vendor, multi-service, communications network management platform that enables network connectivity to an open ecosystem of power grid devices.

IoT FND is built on a layered system architecture to enable clear separation between network management functionality and applications, such as a distribution management system (DMS), outage management system (OMS), and meter data management (MDM). This clear separation between network management and applications helps utilities roll out Smart Grid projects incrementally, for example with AMI, and extend into distribution automation using a shared, multi-service network infrastructure and a common, network management system across various utility operations.


The preconfigured Cisco Field Network Director with Postgres Database v1 demonstration includes:

  • Scenario 1: Ease of Management and Monitoring
  • Scenario 2: Field Devices View
  • Scenario 3: Operations
  • Scenario 4: Configuration
  • Scenario 5: Administration