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Cisco Extended Enterprise with Cisco vManage Instant Demo v1

August 2020

Cisco Extended Enterprise with Cisco vManage Instant Demo v1 provides an overview of the SD-WAN vManage dashboard and is particularly focused on management of IoT IR1101 GW routers. This solution offers a wide variety of options for monitoring edge routers and connections between these routers and edge devices. Several of these, device monitoring as well as configuration options, are discussed in the guide.

This instant demo and guide allows you to:

  • Demo SD-WAN vManage capabilities for IoT devices
  • Tie demo back to customer’s top business initiatives and environment
  • Keep it simple and avoid technical deep dives which are not recommended at this stage
  • Proactively highlight simplified management capabilities
  • Emphasize that we are providing a centralized simple GUI interface for configuration management, policy management, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Customer discussions during demonstration should be focused on helping your customer reduce cost and complexity. Common sample challenges, benefits, and related demonstration flows have been included as part of this guide.


  • Scenario 1. Monitoring the IR1101 Status in vManage
  • Scenario 2. Configuring IR1101 in vManage


Required Optional
  • Laptop

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