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Cisco Extended Enterprise with Cisco DNA Center Instant Demo v2

May 2020

Security is top of mind for many network administrators especially when it comes to IOT. To those network administrators, IOT means end devices that don’t authenticate and pose a security risk. How to effectively secure your network while allowing unauthenticated devices on? That is the dilemma. Today many network administrators are operating networks with IOT devices attached and no security policy. They are just hoping and praying that nothing bad happens. They rely on badge access to the building or badge access to the areas where the IOT devices are to be secure. But they can’t be sure about this in all cases.

Cisco DNA Center has a solution that allows network administrators to deploy a simple and effective security policy for IOT devices. It does not involve multiple firewalls deployed in the network. Cisco DNA Center security solution allows the network administrator to push Intent into the network, and the network implements the security policy. It’s simple and effective.

This Cisco Extended Enterprise with Cisco DNA Center Instant Demo will lead the user through a series of steps showing Cisco DNA Center’s Intent-based security feature. The demo defines a security policy for IOT Devices, and then shows how a network administrator could implement this policy through intent. It shows how Cisco DNA Center can be used to segment devices that do not authenticate from those end users and devices that authenticate. Finally, it demonstrate how to define detailed security policy within in each segment.


  • Scenario 1: Cisco DNA Center – Managing the Extended Enterprise
  • Scenario 2: Intent Based Security for IoT using Cisco DNA Center


Required Optional
  • PC or MAC running the Chrome browser in incognito mode
  • Firefox Browser in Private Window

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