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Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager 4.1 v1

September 2020

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager (EPNM) is a network management solution that provides end-to-end lifecycle management across device management, network provisioning, and network assurance. It simplifies network management with a single product experience and similar workflows across lifecycle tasks. Service providers can increase business agility through fast service provisioning; improve operational efficiencies through automation and ease of use; and ultimately lower costs over time.

EPNM provides the following benefits:

  • Increased operational scale and efficiency through simplified, integrated, and automated device operations, network provisioning, and network assurance
  • Proactive service assurance, highly effective fault management, and trend information that help providers avoid future service disruptions
  • Lower costs through integrated lifecycle management and standards-based northbound interfaces (NBIs) to third-party operations support systems (OSSs)


  • Scenario 1.      Get Started with EPNM
  • Scenario 2.      Adding Devices
  • Scenario 3.      View and Create Monitoring Policies
  • Scenario 4.      Viewing Device Details
  • Scenario 5.      Adding Users
  • Scenario 6.      Visualize the Network
  • Scenario 7.      Add Pre-Defined Dashlet to Existing Dashboard
  • Scenario 8.      Create Virtual Domains and Groups
  • Scenario 9.      Provision Multiple Services
  • Scenario 10.    Explore Optical Management