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Cisco Enable Secure Access – Wireless v2

May 2021

The Enterprise Networks practice is pleased to announce that the Cisco Enable Secure Access Wireless v2 is now available on dCloud for Cisco and Partner users in ALL data centers.

This demo focuses on how to deploy a WLAN within a campus network using Cisco DNA Center. Within this design, a Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless LAN controller (WLC) is configured and it functions as the enterprise WLC for access points (APs) located on multiple floors, within a specific building of a campus.

All APs operate in centralized (local) mode for this design and deployment guide. Wireless guest access is provided through the same Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL Cloud controller functioning as traditional guest WLC, it can be anchored to the enterprise (foreign) WLC. The design and deployment of the WLAN is fully automated utilizing intent-based networking (IBN) through Cisco DNA Center.

What’s New

Cisco DNA Center version upgraded from to (Magneto)
Cisco Identity Services Engine upgraded from 2.6 patch 5 to 3.0 patch 2
C9800-CL: Upgraded from Gibraltar 16.12.1s to IOS-XE Bengaluru 17.5.1 code
Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.9

View the demo profile at the following link: https://dcloud-cms.cisco.com/demo/cisco-enable-secure-access-wireless-v2