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Cisco Enable Secure Access – Wireless Assurance v2

July 2021


The Enterprise Networks practice is pleased to announce that the Cisco Enable Secure Access – Wireless Assurance v2 is now available on dCloud for Cisco and Partner users in ALL data centers.

This demo provides the quickest and easiest way to showcase Cisco DNA Center wireless assurance. Within minutes of joining your access point and wireless client you can operate the Cisco WLAN using a pre-configured solution. For a more in depth experience to design configure, discover, and deploy wireless assurance, see Cisco Enable Secure Access – Wireless v2.

This demonstration contains a Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL Wireless Controller that has been pre-configured to support a wireless local area network (WLAN) within a campus network. In order to demonstrate wireless assurance, attach your local Access Points (AP) in centralized (local mode) operation. Once the AP joins the controller, attach local clients and view assurance data using Cisco DNA Center.


  1. Provisioning your Access Point
  2. Operate the Wireless Network