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Cisco Edge Intelligence Lab v1

August 2020

Cisco Edge Intelligence is a new IoT software solution that securely delivers data from connected assets at the network edge to multi-cloud application destinations. The software is integrated into Cisco’s industrial networking and compute devices for an out-of-the box experience to simplify deployment and lower costs. It provides full control over the governance of IoT data, from its extraction to its transformation to its secure delivery. And because Cisco Edge Intelligence has a network-integrated approach with centralized management across the network, applications, and data, it is easy to scale and secure.

Control and Governance of Your IoT Data

Cisco Edge Intelligence helps you take control of your data throughout its lifecycle.

  • Extract: Provide simple data extraction at the edge. The software has built-in industry-standard connectors such as OPC Unified Architecture, Modbus, Ethernet Industrial Protocol (EIP)/Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) that allow data to be extracted from disparate sources with minimal to no coding needed. The data is then converted to industry-standard formats to enable its full use.
  • Transform: Once the data is extracted, Edge Intelligence enables real-time micro processing to filter, compress, or analyze data in a uniquely simple way. Via a plug-in, Edge Intelligence is fully integrated with one of the most popular tools, Microsoft Visual Studio. Developers can create, test, and deploy code without ever leaving the tool. Organizations then have the data they need from multiple aggregated sources to gain actionable insights for the best decision making.
  • Govern: In a heterogeneous industrial environment, many vendors compete with the customer for access and ownership of sensor data. Edge Intelligence gives back the authority to the customer to establish a central point to govern and decide where the raw or transformed data should go.
  • Deliver: Create data access policies at the edge and automatically deploy them with the push of a button – no more manual, error-prone, and expensive configurations. You can choose which data is sent to which destination, and even send it to multiple cloud destinations. Microsoft Azure, Software AG, and Quantela cloud users will have immediate benefits because we have done the integration work for you. Connect to them easily using a drop-down menu.

In this lab we will use simulated OPC-UA data as an edge device connected to the IOx VM running Edge Intelligence Agent. This agent is managed by the Edge Intelligence cloud tenant and defines the policy for data destinations along with definition for type of edge data and devices. We have installed a Grafana dashboard for data visualization and will define a policy in Edge Intelligence tenant to send data to this dashboard.


  • Scenario 1. Install Edge Intelligence(EI) Agent and Connect to the EI Portal
  • Scenario 2. Define Assets, Data Destinations & Data Policies
  • Scenario 3. Deploy Data Policies & Monitor the Data


Required Optional
Laptop Cisco AnyConnect®

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