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Cisco Cyber Vision Instant Demo v2

October 2020

This is the Instant Demonstration of Cisco Cyber Vision. This instant demonstration offers ready access to an overview of Cisco Cyber Vision with immediate access and no scheduling time involved. Some features may be limited or unavailable because of the limited privileges of the demonstration user. Full access with administrator privileges is available with the scheduled version: Cisco Cyber Vision Demo v2.1.

Cisco Cyber Vision provides organizations the ability to gain visibility into industrial environments including full details of what assets are on the network, how those assets are communicating, and application level understanding of operational information. As a result, Cisco Cyber Vision provides views and capabilities, including integrations that can be leveraged by security teams, IT infrastructure teams, and operational teams to ensure system integrity and protect against cyber risks.

In this lab, users will gain familiarity with Cisco’s Cyber Vision including:

  • Overall system architecture
  • Asset and flow visibility
  • Organization and ease of viewing data in the system
    • Presets
    • Tags
  • System events and quickly identifying changes in the environment
  • Generating Reports for compliance and tracking
  • Quickly identifying vulnerabilities
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Syslog Integrations (SIEM)


The preconfigured Cisco Cyber Vision Instant Demo includes:

  • Cyber Vision Solution Overview


Required Optional
  • Laptop

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