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Cisco Cyber Vision 4.0 Demo v4

February 2022


The Internet of Things (IoT) practice is pleased to announce that the Cisco Cyber Vision 4.0 Demo v4 demo is now available on dCloud for Customer, Partner, and Cisco users in the RTPSJCEMEAR, and APJ data centers.

Cisco Cyber Vision provides the tools necessary for a customer engagement (including demos). This is achieved by identifying and explaining the business benefits obtained from Advance Manufacturing Operations, Industrial Security & Workforce Enablement.

In this lab, users will gain familiarity with Cisco’s Cyber Vision including:

  • Overall system architecture
  • Asset and flow visibility
  • Organization and ease of viewing data in the system
    • Presets
    • Tags
  • System events and quickly identifying changes in the environment
  • Generating Reports for compliance and tracking
  • Quickly identifying vulnerabilities
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Syslog Integrations (SIEM)

What’s New

  • Cisco Cyber Vision upgraded to version 4.0.3
  • Utilities data has been added
  • Promote events from Cyber Vision as incidents to SecureX Threat Response