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Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager v8.0 – Cloud DevOps v1

August 2020

Cisco® Crosswork Situation Manager uses patented artificial intelligence technology to automatically reduce your alert volume, get proactive insights into the health of your technology stack, and collaborate quickly to resolve any incident that might arise. The main benefits are noise reduction and event correlation and aggregation, increasing efficiency of operations.

This demo walks you through the following features of Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager focusing on the user interface and using a pre-recorded set of events, which allows you to experience the workflow of events to situations and to use collaboration features.


  • Scenario 1.      Crosswork Situation Manager UI Dashboard
  • Scenario 2.      System Settings
  • Scenario 3.      Inject Events to Trigger New Situations
  • Scenario 4.      View the New Situations and Alerts
  • Scenario 5.      Resolving Situations
  • Scenario 6.      Alert Enrichment and Situation Decoration
  • Scenario 7.      Optional – Restart Crosswork Situation Manager to Repeat Demo