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Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager 7.3 – Implementing Syslog and SNMP Trap Ingestion v1

June 2020

Cisco® Crosswork Situation Manager uses patented artificial intelligence technology to automatically reduce your alert volume, get proactive insights into the health of your technology stack, and collaborate quickly to resolve any incident that might arise. This demo walks you through an implementation cycle for Crosswork Situation Manager, starting from ingesting syslogs and SNMP traps from IOS-XR nodes, to configuring correlation, as well as creating chatops commands.


  • Scenario 1.      Crosswork Situation Manager Overview
  • Scenario 2.      Configuring and Verifying Syslog Ingestion
  • Scenario 3.      Enriching Alerts using WorkFlow Engine
  • Scenario 4.      Clustering Alerts using Cookbook recipes
  • Scenario 5.      Situation Workflow to Resolution
  • Scenario 6.      Clustering Alerts using Tempus
  • Scenario 7.      SNMP Trap Ingestion Configuration and Verification
  • Scenario 8.      Implementing Chatops