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Cisco Crosswork Network Controller 3.0 with CDG 3.0 and NSO 5.5.2 v1.0 b252

October 2021

Crosswork Network Controller is an SDN Controller for transport networks based on Segment Routing. CNC provides a single dashboard to create and manage VPN and Transport services with advance SLAs such as low latency or disjointness or bandwidth awareness. It does this by enabling creation of Transport paths with fine grained path control using SR-TE and RSVP-TE, and then binding VPN services to these transport paths. CNC does path calculation as well as real time optimization as network conditions change using the included Optimization Engine and Cisco SR-PCE based on IOS-XR. CNC also includes Cisco NSO as the provisioning engine.

CNC provides an integrated dashboard to view the deployed services and paths taken along with the real-time network state including topology and traffic information. In addition, CNC can be used to create new PCE initiated policies for tactical reasons such as Local Congestion Mitigation as well as provide path calculation for Bandwidth aware constraints. The Crosswork Network Controller internally has a micro-services-based architecture and has robust High Availability using a cluster of nodes.


  • Scenario 1. Verify Inventory and Topology
  • Scenario 2. SR-TE Provisioning from Cisco Network Controller UI
  • Scenario 3. Provisioning SR-TE Policy using the Crosswork Network Controller API
  • Scenario 4. Provisioning an L2VPN Service and Binding it to SR-TE
  • Scenario 5. Provisioning an L3VPN Service and Binding to ODN
  • Scenario 6. Real Time Optimization in Action
  • Scenario 7. Local Congestion Mitigation
  • Scenario 8.Provisioning RSVP-TE Tunnels