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Cisco Crosswork Change Automation and Health Insights 3.1 with Data Gateway, Install v1

January 2020

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation is a micro-services platform that brings together streaming telemetry, big data, and model-driven application programming interfaces (APIs). This demonstration highlights the Cisco Crosswork applications Health Insights and Change Automation. Beginning with release 3.1, the data collection functionality has been separated out into its own VM and software package called Cisco Crosswork Data Gateway.

  • Health Insights is a network health application that performs real-time key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting.
  • Change Automation is an application that automates the process of deploying changes to the network.
  • Data Gateway gathers all the information from the monitored devices and forwards it to Crosswork for analysis and processing. Crosswork can also be used to send collected data to an external customer managed messaging bus, such as Kafka or gRPC servers. The Data Gateway offloads voluminous data collection closer to the devices while allowing target applications to scale independently.

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation is built to operate either as a standalone application, or as an application that utilizes Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) as a provider to deploy configuration changes.

This lab does not include the NSO installation.


  • Scenario 1.      Inspecting VCenter
  • Scenario 2.      Deploying Change Automation and Health Insights OVA
  • Scenario 3.      Deploying the Crosswork Data Gateway
  • Scenario 4.      Starting the CAHI VM
  • Scenario 5.      Starting the Crosswork Data Gateway VM
  • Scenario 6.      Onboarding CDG to Crosswork Infrastructure