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Cisco Collaboration 12.8 v1 – Transform Work with Collaboration (TWC)

July 2020


Combine communications into a single solution to help your employees, customers, and partners communicate quickly and easily. Cisco Unified Communications connects teams and information and helps enable comprehensive collaborative experiences.

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need.
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on mobile devices, and on demand, as easily as making a phone call.
  • Facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual work groups, and teams.
  • Integrate collaboration and communications into applications and business processes.

For additional information about Cisco Voice and Unified Communications, visit http://www.cisco.com/go/uc


What’s New in 12.8 v1

  • Cisco Webex Teams over VDI
  • Cisco Webex Teams in UCM Calling Mode


Demo Scripts

  • Transform Work with Collaboration
  • Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Hybrid Messaging and Jabber in Teams Mode
  • Bucher + Suter Connects for Salesforce
  • Tiger Prism Solution for Cisco Unified Communication
  • Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced/Standard and Cisco Emergency Responder
  • Imagicle Collaboration Solution for Cisco Unified Communications
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning and Demo as Yourself
  • Cisco Migration FX Solution
  • Cisco In-Room Control with Touch 10
  • IR Prognosis for UC


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