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Cisco Business Process Automation (BPA) NFV Manager 2.0 v1

June 2020

Cisco NFV Manager is a micro-services platform to onboard and validate NFV resources and instantiation and deletion of VNFs.

Cisco Business Process Automation (BPA) application addresses customer challenges utilizing configuration change management with an innovative, scalable, micro-services-based platform using an embedded workflow engine that is standards based. BPA is pre-integrated with NSO and Ansible controllers but with its controller framework, BPA can easily integrate with other controllers to orchestrate change across multiple domains. The platform includes several building blocks such as Process Templates, Form Builder, Golden Configuration Templates, and Market Variances which minimize time to market for developing customer use cases.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is single, network-wide interface to all network devices and all network applications and services.

This demo allows us to instantiate VPC-SI, and VPC-DI VNFs onto the openstack using the onboarded artifacts from the NFV module. Also, deleting the instantiated VNFs is supported. This VPC-SI SCALED VNF instantiation will eventually bring up the cisco-StarOS VPC VNF on openstack based on the initial instantiation level or VDU count


  • Scenario 1. Validation ETSI/MANO Configuration
  • Scenario 2. VNFD Onboarding
  • Scenario 3. VNF Instantiation through Service Catalog
  • Scenario 4.VNFD Deletion through Service Catalog