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Cisco Business Process Automation (BPA) – 2.2.1 v1

June 2020

The Cisco Business Process Automation (BPA) application addresses customer challenges with configuration change management with an innovative, scalable, micro-services based platform with an embedded workflow engine that is standards based. Out of the box, BPA provides several applications such as OS Upgrade, Device Activation/ZTP, Compliance and Migration.  BPA is pre-integrated with NSO and Ansible controllers but with its controller framework, BPA can easily integrate with other controllers to orchestrate change across multiple domains. The platform includes several building blocks such as Process Templates, Form Builder, Golden Configuration Templates, and Market Variances which minimize time to market for developing customer use cases.


  • Scenario 1. Run IOS-XE Upgrade on Single device
  • Scenario 2. L3 VPN Configuration
  • Scenario 3. Apply AAA Configuration on Device
  • Scenario 4. Network Configuration Compliance on Devices
  • Scenario 5. Create Golden Configuration Template from the Device