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Cisco Automated Testing for your Network – pyATS v1

August 2020

During this lab, you will get hands-on experience with pyATS which is a vendor-agnostic suite of libraries for Python. You will learn how to build your automated tests, using those frameworks.

During this lab, we will show you real-world examples that you can use to start implementing the automation of tests in your network.

Upon successful completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Create a testbed file.
  • Understand the main capabilities of pyATS suites.
  • Start writing automated tests for your network.


  • Scenario 1. Exploring the Lab Structure
  • Scenario 2. Explore pyATS Testbed File
  • Scenario 3. Observe pyATS Capabilities using the pyATS Shell
  • Scenario 4. Collect Show Commands from the Network Devices
  • Scenario 5. Write the Test Script using pyATS Library
  • Scenario 6. Verify Log Messages
  • Scenario 7. Verify the Service Contracts Coverage
  • Scenario 8. Verify the Routing Information using Parsers and Genie Learn
  • Scenario 9. Run PING to Verify Reachability
  • Scenario 10.   Show the Results of Tests in a Browser