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Cisco ACI with F5 ServiceCenter Lab v2

July 2020

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco ACI with F5 ServiceCenter Lab v2 is available on dCloud to customers, partners and Cisco users in RTP, SJC, EMEAR, and APJ dCloud locations.

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter platform runs in Cisco’s APIC, providing an administrator a unified way to manage both L2-L3 and L4-L7 infrastructure. The application offers enhanced ACI-to-BIG-IP visibility, L2-L3 network management capability, and L4-L7 application services to ACI workloads.

In this lab, learn about the following:

  • Configure an Application on BIG-IP: create custom application definitions, with the ability to Dry-run and Submit the declaration.
  • Troubleshoot using Visibility: view BIG-IP network elements like VLANs, VIPs, and nodes, and correlate them with APIC information like Tenant | App | EPG.
  • Manage L2-L3 Configuration: facilitates L2-L3 stitching between APIC logical devices and BIG-IP (CRUD operations for VLAN, self IP, and default gateway).
  • Dynamic Endpoint Attach Detach: This feature adds support to dynamically update endpoints on BIG-IP pools whenever endpoints get attached or detached from APIC EPGs (Endpoint Groups). The F5 ACI ServiceCenter application provides a way to create a mapping between the APIC EPG and BIG-IP AS3 Application.
  • POSTMAN APIs: how to make API requests with the Postman client to simulate calls that might be made as part of an application, for instance, a mobile app, native client app, client side webapp, or server to server API request.
  • Ansible Playbooks: the scenarios executed via POSTMAN are applied to Ansible playbooks.
  • One-Arm Service Graph: deploying a service graph with F5 in one-arm mode using a contract connecting two endpoint groups (EPGs)—the outside EPG and the server farm EPG.

To learn more, view the demo https://dcloud-cms.cisco.com/demo/cisco-aci-with-f5-servicecenter-lab-v2

View the demo https://dcloud-cms.cisco.com/demo/cisco-aci-with-f5-servicecenter-lab-v2

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