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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 3.0 Sandbox v2

February 2021


The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 3.0 Sandbox v2 provides users access to a clean, unconfigured ISE 3.0 code installation for Demos, POVs, Trainings, Test Drives, and experimentation. New features include Interactive Help and Guest Access Management. 

  • User Interface (UI) Overhaul 
  • SAML SSO with Azure AD 
  • Windows Agentless Posture 
  • Context Visibility Endpoint Scripts 
  • Posture Status Sharing 
  • ODBC Multiple Attributes Lookup 
  • Baselines SCCM Policies 
  • PassiveID with Windows Eventing 
  • SCCM Device Identifier for Windows Devices 
  • Posture AV/AM Minimum Version 
  • Debug Wizard by Function 
  • TCP Dump Improvements 
  • Certificate Pinning for Multiple CAs 
  • Open TAC Cases from ISE 
  • Upgrade: Readiness, Workflow, Validation 

What’s New

  • Identity Services Engine (ISE) 3.0 with Smart License enabled 
  • Microsoft Active Directory Windows Server 2016 


  • Visit the Cisco dCloud Help page for more information and training materials  
  • To view all available Cisco dCloud demos, visit dcloud.cisco.com 
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  • Access Cisco ISE 3.0 Sandbox v2 on Cisco dCloud now!