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Implement MP-BGP EVPN VxLAN Control Plane Lab v2

November 2020

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Implement MP-BGP EVPN VxLAN Control Plane Lab v2 is available on dCloud to customers, partners, and Cisco users in all dCloud locations.

Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) is designed to provide network virtualization. It is MAC in UDP encapsulation. Layer 2 infrastructure is extended over Layer 3 underlay network to provide a simplified service which is not dependent on physical and geographical location of servers in the data centers. It runs over the existing networks and provides the means to stretch the L2 network. As a standardized overlay technology, multiple vendors have adopted VXLAN as a datacenter solution to provide scalability and allow layer 2 across IP network. MP-BGP EVPN as the VXLAN control plane protocol provides a robust scalable solution to overcome the limitation in VXLAN flood and learn mode.

This lab introduces VXLAN configuration using the MP-BGP EVPN control-plane. It shows a sample network scenario using virtual Nexus switches and its configuration for verification and better understanding.


View the demo https://dcloud-cms.cisco.com/demo/implement-mp-bgp-evpn-vxlan-control-plane-lab-v2

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