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Cisco Meeting Server 2.9 Demo v1

April 2020


This demo introduces a selection of features available in the Cisco Meeting Server 2.9 software release. In this release, Meeting Server introduces the new Cisco Meeting Server web app (referred to as Web Bridge 3), which is a browser-based client that lets users join meetings over audio and video. In time, this web app will supersede the existing Cisco Meeting App WebRTC (referred to as Web Bridge 2). However, at this time, Web Bridge 3 does not have all the features available to Web Bridge 2.

This demo allows you to use the new Web Bridge 3, both as ‘guest’ users to join meetings and as ‘signed in’ users to create, edit, and join meetings and access your user portals.

There are a few other features that you can also try out, such as the API access via the web interface and enhanced lock modes for meetings.

What’s New

Here are some of the highlights of the Cisco Meeting Server 2.9 release (features that you can try out in this lab):

  • Cisco Meeting Server Web App
  • Simplified API User interface
  • Additional lock modes for meetings
  • Default invitation templates


  • Scenario 1: Cisco Meeting Server Web App


  • Required: Laptop

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