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2Ring Dashboards and Wallboards – Instant Demo

October 2020


2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards is a versatile solution that provides real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculation and displays it on multiple real-time connected clients.

It is best suited for contact centers, network operation centers and other similar environments where the knowledge of a current state of operations is one of the most important prerequisites to deliver a high-quality service to customers.

2Ring DW captures data from source systems, performs KPI calculations on this data, and distributes it to any connected client commonly called a dashboard or a wallboard. Since it does the calculation on its own, it offloads heavy computations from source systems and distributes results to clients.

There are four core components to this solution that make this happen. A source system, a Connector, an Application Server, and Clients.


What’s New in v1

  • Remote Worker View using PowerTool
  • Agent View
    • Can view and share layout
    • Can search layouts within the business unit
  • Supervisor View
    • Can view, copy, create layouts
    • Can configure different KPIs
    • Can create alerts – visual, audible, email



There is a dedicated guide for each of the following demonstration features:

  • Agent View of 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards
  • Supervisor View of 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards
  • 2Ring Power Tool