OpenDaylight Carbon with Apps with 8 Nodes v1


OpenDaylight (ODL) is a collaborative, open-source project used to advance software-defined networking (SDN). OpenDaylight is a community-led, industry-supported framework consisting of code and blueprints. Using this framework, you can accelerate process adoption, foster innovation, reduce risk, and create a more transparent approach to SDN. OpenDaylight can be a core component within any SDN architecture. Building on open-source SDN and NFV controllers enables users to reduce operational complexity, extend the life of their existing infrastructure hardware, and enable new services and capabilities only available with SDN.


  • Scenario 1: Explore ODL Features
  • Scenario 2: Explore DLUX
  • Scenario 3: Install BGP Pathman Application
  • Scenario 4: Enable OpenFlow in Karaf
  • Scenario 5: Install OpenFlow Manager Application
  • Scenario 6: Explore Pathman Segment Routing
  • Scenario 7: Explore netACL Application
  • Scenario 8: Explore Yangman


Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • Cisco® AnyConnect®


  • Cisco VIRL
  • XRV 6.1.2 (pre-release)
  • ODL Carbon Snap
  • PC Workstation at
    • Includes PuTTY with shortcut for ODL host
    • VM Maestro with working VIRL file
    • Chrome with some extensions and Postman


Cisco VM Maestro
  • Flexible network layout and connections
  • Intuitive interface for creating network configurations
  • Run user interface locally and perform computations in the cloud
Cisco VIRL
  • Virtual environment for building network topologies
  • Simulation of networking components
  • Capable of running a range of virtual machines (VMs) running Cisco operating systems (IOS-XE, IOS Classic, IOS-XR, and NX-OS)
  • Support for third-party VMs
  • Capture and analyze network traffic at any node
  • Validate configurations prior to physical deployment




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