Frinx 1.4.6 OpenDaylight Distribution with Apps with 8 Nodes v1


OpenDaylight (ODL) is a collaborative, open-source project used to advance software-defined networking (SDN). OpenDaylight is a community-led, industry-supported framework consisting of code and blueprints. Using this framework, you can accelerate process adoption, foster innovation, reduce risk, and create a more transparent approach to SDN. OpenDaylight can be a core component within any SDN architecture. Building on open-source SDN and NFV controllers enables users to reduce operational complexity, extend the life of their existing infrastructure hardware, and enable new services and capabilities only available with SDN.

The Frinx ODL Distribution is a carrier-class version of ODL. In addition to the public ODL code, it includes software and functionality unique to the Frinx ODL Distribution. Frinx offers open source-based networking software products together with support services, training, consulting, and development packages.

Frinx is part of a vivid ecosystem of open-source players that enrich Cisco® solutions for customer’s business challenges.


  • Scenario 1: Explore ODL Features
  • Scenario 2: Explore DLUX
  • Scenario 3: Install BGP Pathman Application
  • Scenario 4: Enable OpenFlow in Karaf
  • Scenario 5: Install OpenFlow Manager Application
  • Scenario 6: Explore Pathman Segment Routing
  • Scenario 7: Explore netACL Application


Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect®


  • Frinx OpenDaylight Distribution 1.4.6
  • CentOS 7 and 6.6
  • VIRL simulating three ASR9ks
  • Cisco IOS XRv 6.2.1


Frinx ODL Distribution
  • Carrier-class version of ODL
  • Designed for end-users, resellers, developers, and OEM customers
  • Releases synchronized with ODL schedule for quality assurance
  • Unique software and functionality only available through this distribution
Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL)
  • Multi-purpose network virtualization platform
  • Build, configure, and test new and existing network topologies




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