Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.1 Proof of Value v1


The Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.1 Proof of Value (POV) v1 helps explain the POV process and includes two guides for Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) and Firepower on ASA (FP on ASA). The POV guides provide information on the POV process, training, software download, installation, licensing, initial configuration, customer deployment, risk report generation, and device sanitizing.

The following is an overview of the POV:

  • Schedule dCloud Firepower Management Center 6.1 POV.
  • Install/Upgrade ASA and/or Firepower appliance.
  • Add Firepower appliance to Firepower Management Center. Upgrade and apply necessary policies.
  • Let system collect data for necessary time period.
  • Export Firepower Management Center findings into executive reports and present to customer.


  • Software Download
  • Installation
    • Confirm Health of Solid State Drive
    • Uninstall Existing IPS or CX Software (If required)
    • Verify and Upgrade ROMMON Image (If required)
    • Install FTD or FP on ASA
    • Bootstrap FTD or FP on ASA
  • Firepower Management Center Configuration
    • Schedule on dCloud
    • Connect FTD to FMC
    • Connect FMC to FTD or FP on ASA
  • Initial Configuration
  • Risk Report Generation
  • Device Sanitation
  • Next Steps
  • Appendix A: Win Criteria
  • Appendix B: Data Collection Worksheet
  • Appendix C: POV Outcome


Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect®


FMC 6.1 POV Topology



US East

US West